Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Needle in a haystack

Facebook has been really rewarding in terms of finding old friends out there on the internets. Old friends, classmates, next door neighbors, Meadowbrook moms, current and former coworkers, etc. I started searching for a friend I had in college. I sang with her in Camerata Singers at the University of Iowa. I emailed the School of Music and alumni associations to see if I could find her.

No luck.

I hate myself now for not maintaining ties with her. Her name was Win Feng. She was a chemistry major. She was married. I'm not sure she was happy to be living in the U.S., so far from her home and friends. Her husband (I never knew his name) was a chemistry major, too. They lived in student housing.

Now that my daughter is in a Chinese language school -- what I wouldn't give to be able to find her and talk to her again.

Wen, are you out there somewhere?

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