Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday long run

Saturday long run
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It was worst 11 miles Emily and I have run together.

The Best Worst Run of All Award still goes to the Las Vegas Marathon when Andrea and I ran in headwinds, sleet, and 50 mph gusts that knocked over the porto-pots for 26 miles. That one was great.

But Saturday was bad. Half the distance was in 4-5 inch deep snow hiding slippery ice. The wind picked up on Lake Calhoun and stayed strong all the way. Rudy the "I should be a sled dog" was plagued by ice in his paws so much so that we ended up carrying him part of the way. Emily's hands started to freeze pretty bad so she had to run the last mile with hands tucked in her armpits. I thought I was okay but when I got home I couldn't get warm and ended up sitting in the bathroom in my sleeping bag with my hair dryer blasting heat into it.

It was painful and tiring and the whole time we were out there we were wishing we were not out there. Strangely, the worst run beats not running almost all of the time.

But I enjoyed not running very, very much this morning.

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