Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will she forgive me?

Peggy has been a key component to my running plan for the past several months. The alarm goes off at 4:40 and she's by my side until we are out the door. She stays quiet for the first 10 minutes but as soon as I put my shoes on and get the leash, the whining begins. She whines louder and better than any kind of whining my kids can do.

I took her on a 16 mile run last Saturday and it occurred to me that running long slow distances with a dog pulling me down the trail might not do me any good by the time the actual marathon rolls around and I have to run without that assistance. So I decided to leave Peggy home this morning when Emily and I ran our 20. I considered leaving her with the neighbors last night so she would be none the wiser when I left this morning. I was afraid her howling in agony would wake up Gary and the kids but Gary said to leave her home and he would deal with it. So I got up, got dressed, and she commenced whining. I tossed a handful of dogfood in her dish and ran out the door. (I never feed her before a run so I thought this would appease her or distract her or let her know we weren't going with our regular plan today and she could maybe just accept the fact.

I could hear her howling as I rounded the corner to meet Emily.

It was a good run but Peggy is definitely giving me the cold, furry shoulder and I'm not sure how long this dog snub is going to last but I don't like it.

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