Sunday, June 14, 2009

Action photos, ABC gum, and cherry-dipped cones

We rode our bikes to the World's Most Dysfunctional Dairy Queen this afternoon and I threw my camera bag on my back to take with us because I MUST BE TAKING ACTION PHOTOS OF MY KIDS AT ALL TIMES.

Guess what. They are sick of it. They have begun to hide from me.

So, when Hope ducked under the table at the DQ in order to avoid me and my camera little did she know that with the auto focus setting I almost don't have to be looking at her to take a decent picture. I stuck my camera under the table, aimed it at her head and caught this image:

She had completely forgotten about being mad at me for taking pictures. Instead, she was incredulous that someone had stuck a perfectly decent piece of gum (i.e., gold to most six year-olds) under the table. Upon closer inspection she discerned that "SOMEBODY EVEN ALREADY CHEWED IT UP!!"


  1. Already chewed?! HAHA! I love kids!

  2. It looks like it was grape flavored. Delicious!