Monday, June 01, 2009

Marathon #11? Check.


Andrea and I were very, very happy to see the finish line yesterday. (Is anyone sorry it's over at the finish line?) It was a long and hilly run. Scenic though. Andrea is used to big city skylines and as we were running east over the Stone Arch Bridge she made the comment that Minneapolis has an impressive skyline. And it sure is beautiful when you're looking at it from the river. It was a really pretty run with perfect weather. Andrea has been sending me inspirational running quotes for the past few months (see the Patton quote below) but I made up my own on this run.
You can finish faster or slower but you can always get a PR (personal record) in fun.
We'll be back at it soon to train for the Twin Cities Marathon with a group of first time marathoners. But for today? Lots of rest, relaxation, and eating the stuff I can't eat (or shouldn't) when you are training. It's going to be pretty nice.


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