Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad feet

Marathon runners know that feet aren't pretty. Mine might be worse than some. I think I have, over the course of 11 marathons, lost each toenail once.

I am lucky to have a son who loves to receive massages (I love to give them) and a daughter who asks to rub feet.

Hope hadn't asked to rub my feet in a while and I have lost two toenails since the Minneapolis Marathon in May. Tonight she asked if she could rub my feet. Can you rub my feet? Hell yes. So she ran for the lotion and picked up one foot and put it in her lap.

As she rubbed the lotion on it, she looked down at my gross toenail and looked away quickly. "Mom, is it okay if I don't look at your foot when I rub it? It's gross!"

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