Monday, August 17, 2009

No worries

Hank and Hope are going to day camp this week. They've done it before but this year is new and special because they get to spend an hour or so a day with horses. It's called "Colts Camp." They learn to ride and take care of some very tolerant, very lazy, very not dangerous horses.

A couple of weeks ago a friend received notice that there was a lice problem there -- with the horses. Being the optimist, I decided to wait until we were notified that horse camp would be a no go. No word came so this morning we sent them on the bus. They had a great time. Hope has been assigned a big horse named "Doc." Hank has the guy they call "Thunder" who happens to be the smallest horse.

And Hope has assured me I don't need to worry one bit about any trouble with the horses at camp: "Mom, it's okay! They check ALL the kids for FLEAS before they let you get on the horse!!"

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