Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best dog in the Twin Cities

I knew she was a good dog when I "adopted" her because the lady from whom I stole her told me so. (Don't believe I stole this dog? Ask my brother. I'm not proud of it but it is what it is and I have Peggy today because I stole her from a very kind dog-lover.) Anyway, this dog is awesome so it was no surprise what she did for me today. But it was dramatic and entertaining for the children....

I was mowing. (Picture it.) I ran over a nest of yellow jackets! ANGRY yellow jackets who DO NOT LIKE IT when you run a lawn mower OVER THEIR HOME! Why those evil devils want to live in the ground instead of a tree, I don't know. But I stirred the nest with the mower and one of those wasps was not going to give up until he chased me down and stung me good. He was a PISSED-OFF WASP!

I let go of the mower and ran from the damn bug as fast as I could. I did a little zig-zag move a couple of times in the yard and then made a bee-line for the backdoor. Hank and Hope were standing there, in amazement of their mom, who appeared to be running around the yard like a crazy lady.

Now you get to guess who was galloping behind me and snapping her teeth at the mean wasp that was following me the entire time. Yes! My gal, Peggy. And guess what was playing on my iPod. Not kidding: Blues Traveler, "Run-Around." It was kind of funny. Anyway, Peggy ate that damn bug that was trying to kill me and she did it because she loves me with her whole heart. How do I know? I just do. She's the best damn dog in the Twin Cities.


  1. A-men to that! Gotta love Pegs!

  2. "I would eat hornets for you." That is true love.

  3. Ok, I wouldn't eat hornets for you...but that's cool Mrs. Rellim. She's a true friend.

    But yes, you did swipe that dog right out from under that poor woman's nose.

    Your strength and confidence caught her in a moment of weakness and all your love of animals came out full bore and smacked her in the face. That's about when she handed you the dog.

    Isn't that how it went?