Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Marathon numero huh?

Grandma's 1996 (Annie Bianco and Ed Fisher!)
Twin Cities 1996 (PR!)
Rock and Roll San Diego 1997 (No water!)
Twin Cities 1997 (Mental breakdown!)
Disney 1999 (Andrea's mental breakdown. But there was Disney scenery!)
Grandma's 2002 (First post-child-bearing marathon! So thrilled my uterus didn't fall out!)
Las Vegas 2003 (50 mph gusting headwinds!)
Arizona Rock and Roll 2004 (OMG it was freaking hot!)
Sacramento Cow Town 2008 (Cowbell medal for finishers. Need I say more?)
Minneapolis 2008 (Gary's motivational soundtrack, hills, and flaming poo! And a jacket!)
Twin Cities 2009 (My bro, my friends, and perfect running weather!)

I'm missing one.

The most recent marathon was memorable because of all the fun people who ran it. It was the 1st marathon for my brother, Jeff. It was the first for friends, Heidi and Jay. It was the first marathon my regular running partner, Emily, and I ran together (most of the way, anyway, at least until she turned on her afterburners and sped to the finish line!). And last but not least, my dear friend Andrea flew across country again to spend running time and a sick day with me. We may not be fast but we always have a blast.

I would like to encourage any of you who has ever had the urge to run a marathon to do it. It's a good time any way you look at it.

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  1. Agreed! A good time with good friends. Looking foward to starting up again...cold weather runs are here!