Saturday, February 06, 2010

Minnesota Blues

From our February church bulletin:


Come fall in love with a loon.
I came, I froze, I transferred.
Save a Minnesotan - eat a mosquito.
One day it's warm, the rest of the year it's cold.
Home of blond hair and blue ears.
Where the elite meet the sleet.
Have you jump started your kid today?
Many are cold, but few are frozen.
You are entering Minnesota: Use alternate route.
Land of 10,000 Petersons, Andersons, Johnsons, and Olsons.
Survive Minnesota and the rest of the world is easy.
Ducks don't fly south, people do.
Glove it or leave it.
Land of two seasons: winter is coming, winter is here.
If you love Minnesota, raise your right ski!

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