Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Excerpt from 2nd Grade Newsletter

I love reading Hope's school newsletter. Some of the sentences sound a little like poetry sometimes. :-)

"...乌鸦喝水 (Crow Drink Water) tells a story that two crows are thirsty and could not find water to drink. When they find a bottle which has a little bit of water, they are unable to drink since the mouth of the bottle is really small. They try different ways. Finally, they put pebble in the bottle and the water ascends to the mouth of the bottle and they drink water. Through [this story], our students not only accomplished academic goals but also develop citizenships, responsibility, and many other positive character virtues, such as deliberation, persevere in tenacious efforts. We also connect 乌鸦喝水 (Crow Drink Water) to our science study. Students had fun putting pebbles in the bottle and watching the water ascend. They deeply thought about the reason of ascendant water. They heated discussed this question and gave conclusion that water needs space and pebble needs space too, but pebble is solid which can't change shape and water is liquid which can change shape depending on where it is. So water gives their space up to the pebbles and water ascends."

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  1. What does it mean, exactly? Maybe it means that flexible people are able to rise to the occasion and be useful when lazy people just sit around and do nothing.