Friday, March 12, 2010

So we were attacked

Emily and I ventured out on our regular morning run this morning. We've become comfortable with our early morning running routine. With three dogs between us, we aren't scared of rapists and/or zombies and/or Big Foot monsters hiding in bushes.

This morning, however, it was scary-foggy and somebody neglected to tell us there would be twin satanic miniature pigs twin wheezing pugs waiting to kill us have an asthma attack on our route.

For 5 seconds we were scared shitless and then Emily, as is her habit when frightened on our morning runs, leapt straight into my arms for protection. (Right, Em?)

I saved her.

Moral of the story: Pugs? Scary in the dark. Might benefit from some breathe-right nasal strips. Worth a try.


  1. Adam got chased by a large teat wielding pitbull/corgy mix. Not good.

  2. I will always laugh out loud at the thought of the incident. I read the post a number of times, just for the laughs!