Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer fun has just begun

1. My new speech game is here. It's much smaller than I expected but the packaging is nice. I'm a fan of neat packaging. The box is made out of sturdy something and the flap has a magnet in it so it closes in a satisfying manner. When I was a kid I liked to pretend that I was an inch tall. I could sit still for hours envisioning methods I would use to move from the bean bag chair to the shelves by the fireplace on the west side of the living room to the window sill on the south wall. I would think about strategies I would use to navigate the tricky shag carpet in the living room in order to make my way to the kitchen linoleum. I always liked little things. My parents can vouch for that. So, Rory's Story Cubes? I knew I would like you but I like you even more now that I find you are so diminutive.

2. I might have a new friend in my new speech path. coworker. We hunkered down to sort out the 56 kids on our collective caseload, 4/5 of which will belong to me because she works in another school most of the week. The scheduling is a pain in the ass because there are many other special ed. services and summer school activities to consider, not the least of which are recess and snack time, as far as the kids are concerned.

So we were scheduling and sorting and talking about autism spectrum concerns because there are a lot of kids on our list with autism spectrum concerns and she mentions to me that she has a knitting obsession. YAY! Let's talk about knitting! And she tells me she spins! Stuff like this! YAY! I want to learn to spin! And we talked about Kalona and the Amish and fiber crafts and she tells me she has half a masters degree in German and her thesis was about German dialects in Amish and Mennonite communities in Iowa. And then she tells me she has a loom. And she has plans for adopting a special breed of sheep so she can harvest her own wool although her husband isn't fully on board yet. She said the sheep breed she is researching is very small and can be kept in her garage and it doesn't matter that the city code has a rule that says you can't have a sheep in your garage because the breed she chose is small and looks like a collie from a distance!

I can tell you all like her, too, don't you!

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  1. Like her?! What's the correct feminine term here for a man-crush?