Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer school makes me like being an SLP

There are three of us at my site who seem to enjoy summer school. There are more than a tackle of teachers who DO NOT want to be there. (I made up that collective noun term. You got a better one, or a legitimate one, please comment.) How can all summer school teachers NOT love summer school??

Anyhoo. What a PITA (ty, Andrea for the definition) the scheduling was last week: 56 speech therapy kids and no IEPs ready to go for me or my quarter-time coworker. It's a heck of a lot of fun (NOT) making a schedule and pairing kids not knowing whether one is working on articulation or augmentative communication. If you're a halfway decent SLP you can tell the difference in the first six sessions. (jk)

All goal/objective sheets are copied now and filed and ready for action. I worked with my first 12 kids today and let me tell you something. Summer school speech kids ROCK. My goal is for the kids to leave summer school wanting more next year. My personal goal of having a fun summer is already achieved.

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