Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love my dog

She gave me a big scare two days ago and I think I've recovered from it now so I can write about what happened. I got up early Tuesday morning to have coffee and read the news on the computer. The mornings go by fast since I have to be way up in Andover for work so after reading a couple stories I got up to go take a shower.

Then it occurred to me that Peggy wasn't by my side. Every morning when I get up, she's right there, hoping there's a chance I'll take her for a run even if it's an off day. I went back to the bedroom to see if she was there. Checked the kids' rooms. They were still sound asleep and there was no sign of Peggy. Checked the basement. Sometimes she'll snooze on the couch down there. No Peggy. My heart started racing because I realized she had either been left outside and had been stolen or hit by a car because there was no way she wouldn't have barked to be let in at night.

Well, I found her. You know where she was? In the RV. We had given a friend a "tour" of it the night before and Peggy must have gone in with us and stayed when we went back in the house. I looked out the front door and could see her chin resting on the back of the passenger seat.

I think that dog really likes camping.


  1. my blood pressure surged just thinking about this. glad peggy is alright!

  2. I love her too. Out of all the dogs I know, Peggy is the one that I wish would morph into a human and just hang out with us. I bet she'd be a hoot.