Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who needs a doctor when you've got the internet?

Long story made longer than it needs to be because that's my style:

I was prescribed prednisone several weeks ago for a condition I call, "WORLD'S WORST CASE OF BUG BITES THAT TURNED INTO FREAKIN HIVES ALL OVER MY ARMS AND LEGS." At the same time I took advantage of a free, introductory week at CorePower Yoga. I loved both the prednisone for its fast relief and the yoga studio for its beautiful yoga instructors and clothing/jewelry/aromatherapy supply store annex. Oh, and the actual yoga was nice. I was in down dog A LOT. So I don't know what caused my dizziness trouble: the yoga, the prednisone, or both, but I ended up with nausea-inducing vertigo that would come on strong every time I tried to turn my head, lay down in bed, get up out of bed, and so forth.

I was half-convinced and depressed today that I needed to call my doctor who would probably schedule an MRI to rule out big brain trouble. Last time I had an MRI, I was busy producing neologisms interspersed generously with the F-word in an effort to convey to the ER doctors that I would require a lot of sedation to get in that f$5*@@! tube. Shove 14 giant needles in my spine if you have to but I do not want to remember being in the MRI.

I got myself pretty worked up today. Being dizzy and nauseated for two weeks has a negative effect on the mood. Can't run, can't go to yoga, can't tilt my damn head. I hired out the lawn mowing yesterday. (Thank you, Charlie!) I was sad.

Good thing there are small portions of my brain that do still work. I had vague (very vague) recollections of stuff I learned about the inner ear when I was in college. I remembered hearing about a maneuver that could cure a simple vertigo problem.

Thank you, YouTube! And thank you, Epley Maneuver! Yeah, you can pay an ENT to diagnose this and treat you, or you can do it yourself after watching the video a couple times.

Self-diagnosed; self-treated. Instant relief!

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  1. I've had to do the same research for the same thing!!! We both have "rocks" in our head, huh? I hope you are feeling better and that the relief is permanent.

    For me, I think the trigger was stress. You?