Friday, August 06, 2010


At some point, (which is, I guess, when the youngest child whom she yanked from your uterus is a few weeks away from 8 years of age), your Ob-Gyn gets tired of you calling her with all your medical ailments. Not that I have that many ailments! I have very few but I am currently plagued with intermittent bouts of vertigo.

Dr. Elf referred me to a general practitioner who is from CHINA! Whoo hoo! I know it's stupid to be happy about that except for the fact that I now will schedule all visits at a time when Hope can go ('cause we call that extra credit on our family), and I call it distraction in a stressful situation.

I am happy to know in advance that she speaks Mandarin so I won't be embarrassed by asking the Tibetan ER doctor if he speaks Chinese like I did when Hope got her stitches earlier this year.

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