Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Although there was not as much sleep last night as I would have liked, the fatigue is tempered by those happy Chilean miners on CNN/FOX (aside from the one with the mistress issue). It's impossible not to feel their happiness!

The day has been beautiful weather-wise.

I went to a Michelle Winner conference on Social Thinking instead of regular work today. Although I confused Harriet Island with Nicollet Island I didn't get there embarrassingly late. I learned some stuff that I will be able to use Friday. And I earned 6 hours continuing ed. credit.

Ordered a language therapy book that was written by my freshman roommate! (Dana!)

I came home to a clean house. Gary is a kitchen-cleaning machine.

I've made the decision to look at the 2:30AM anxiety attacks as an unpleasant but effective way to lose weight through perspiration. Glass half-full, and all.

Liking that Hope is the youngest in her class. Although the social differences are more pronounced this year, I am enjoying her "innocence" when I compare her to her "more worldly" peers. :-)

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