Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Keeping her options open

Hope is volunteering recess time once a week to help my coworker who works with a child who is having articulation trouble in English and Chinese. Hope is helping by modeling the correct Chinese sounds for the student and my coworker. My coworker called me today (I was at another site) to tell me how helpful it was to have Hope model the correct Chinese sounds.

I asked Hope when she got home if maybe she was considering becoming a speech pathologist when she grows up.

"What I really want to be is a horseback rider. Or a rollerblader. Or maybe both!"


  1. Maybe she could wear her roller blades while on horseback, and then, at the most thrilling moment, she could push off the horse and hit the skate park.

  2. I'll volunteer that the HORSE should be on the rollerblades, and she can articulate proper Chinese pronunciation with her fellow students while they're BOTH on the horse.