Friday, November 26, 2010

Still reading

The bombing of Hiroshima:

"...One of the crewmen counted the seconds in his head. When he hit forty-three, nothing happened. He didn't know that he had been counting too quickly. For an instant, he thought the mission had failed.

Exactly as the thought crossed his mind, the sky over the city ripped open in a firestorm of color and sound and felling wind. A white light, ten times the intensity of the sun, enveloped the plane as the flash and sound and jolt of it skidded out in all directions. The tail gunner, looking out the back of the plane through his goggles, thought that the light had blinded him. Tibbet's teeth began tingling, and his mouth filled with the taste of lead. He would later be told that it was the metal in his fillings resonating with the radioactivity of the bomb. He looked ahead and saw the entire sky swirling in pink and blue. Next to him, the copilot scribbled the words in his diary: MY GOD!"

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