Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's interesting being an SLP

Do you think this is a spoonerism or something he heard Mom or Dad say?

I have a student who is fixated on keeping things clean and he wants to clean my iPad and computer screen every day I am at his school. Two weeks ago he asked me if he could use my "sleezy fabric" to clean the screens. I was certain he said "sleezy" but my ACE-OVER-ACHIEVING-GUNG-HO-SLP-CFY-SUPERVISEE was sure he meant "slinky." So I baited him today with the temptation to clean our computers. He said, "Where is that 'sleezy' fabric?"

I say microfiber cloth can indeed be described as "sleezy" and "slinky."



  1. I don't buy the "slinky" thing. Not close enough phonetically. I'll have to ask Quinn what he thinks the little guy meant to say.

  2. What rhymes with sleezy? Or has a long "e" sound? Still thinking.

  3. Please say it with a lateral /s/ distortion, too.