Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cowgirl Update

Hope and I figured we wouldn't go to family night at Camp Christmas Tree because we've gone six out of the seven years that Hank and Hope have participated. Been there done that. AND it has stormed and/or rained for at least five of those visits.

But this is the first year that it's just Hope there, since Hank is away at Many Point. Gary thought we should go because it would be fun for us to be with just Hope.

It was fun.

Yeah, she smells like a horse. It was wonderful, though, to see how much she is enjoying riding and just being around these giant (geriatric) animals. I've always been scared of horses because of their size but Hope loves them. Gary kind of likes them, too. I'm so grateful for this opportunity for her.

And glad Gary made us go.

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  1. I'm glad you went, I really miss Family Night at camp. I remember that one year we were out there and that massive storm hit! I was walking a trail with Hope (I think) and we booked it out of there.