Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thoughts on Scout Camp

"That was hard. I'm not doing it next year."

(Two minutes later)

"When I go next year I'm going to do 'advanced swim' and swim the mile."

"I know how to wash dishes now so when I do them here I'm going to do it the way they taught us at camp, okay?"

"I like pancakes now."

(Regarding the care package we sent him mid-week)

"MOM! THANK YOU THANK YOU! The powder was great! And where did you get that lip balm? That 'Burt' something? That was so SOOTHING!"

(Yes, he used the word soothing.)

"Our scout master said that, if we wanted to, we could help with Vacation Bible School. Can you call the church person and ask her if I can be a helper this year?"

"I want an Airsoft Gun."

"Well, what we would do is me and Otto and Matt and William would put on winter coats and snow pants and a bike helmet and goggles and then you just shoot at each other. It's safe that way."

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