Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baby Boom

Our neighborhood is about to expand by three new babies in the next few months. First up are neighbors Sue and Neil who are due any day now with their first baby. They are going to be awesome parents even if Sue won't let her baby girl eat Cheetos. Not even the baked ones. Ever. Baby Johnson is going to have strict, loving parents and a no-Cheetos lifestyle. When she grows up and goes to school, she might hear stories from older kids about the years when chocolate milk was occasionally offered with school lunch. She might wonder why she never got to have chocolate milk with her lunch at school and she can go home and ask her mom those questions.

All kidding aside, Sue makes me want to eat better and exercise more and the whole neighborhood is so happy for them and their new baby. Sue and Neil are going to be awesome, wonderful parents. :-)

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