Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I wish I had patience and the attention span to write what I want to write, but in a nutshell:

This concert series was different. VocalEssence chorus members always have wonderful opportunities to sing with/for stellar musicians. (The bassist, drummer, and pianist were...I don't know how else to describe it...They were like the most decadent beef filet with bearnaise and red velvet cake for dessert.) The composition by Hannibal Lokumbe, the narrator, the audience listening, and musicians performing? It felt inspired by God. It was a church service. An inspiring beginning to Lent.

"...Always I listen for the words and melodies of The Divine. They have the power to make bliss come from despair..."

I hope I have the opportunity to sing in the chorus of a Hannibal Lokumbe composition again.

My prayer for Lent is that the two young men from Boys Totem Town who performed with us move forward with all the love that was shared these last four days.

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