Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something Different

Hope is taking diving lessons this summer with her friends, Daya and Naomi. The girls weren't sure if they were going to like it but yesterday was the first class and they can't stop talking about how much fun it was. The teacher is a diving coach from our district. Her pool is in her backyard where she teaches small groups all summer. Parents can sit on her deck at the other end of the pool and watch them work. Perfect summer activity, if you ask me.

We had a nice time talking and getting to know the parents of the fourth kid in the group, an enthusiastic 6 year-old boy who was very good at cannonballs. He had fun talking to Hope at the far end of the pool when they were waiting their turn to dive. According to Hope, the boy's dad "farts louder than a jet engine -- all the time."

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