Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm complaining

So I am about 1.5 weeks post kneecap smash. It's less colorful but the color has slid slowly down the sides of my lower leg. Really an eye-catching look. I have a spongy 'kneecap' on top of my kneecap and am trying to figure out if this is what's known as "water on the knee." It doesn't hurt and it kinda keeps me entertained during down-time at work.

It makes several hot yoga poses impossible.

I have a marathon to run with Andrea in San Francisco in about five weeks. My longest run so far has been 12 miles and that was about five weeks ago. I'm going to emphasize stopping and taking pictures on the route. I'm aiming for a PR in marathon photography for this particular run.

Also, I've heard it's hilly there. Message me if you have insights into that.

Now that Comcast subscribers are dropping like flies, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that there is no charge to repair cable lines cut during tree trimming by our soon-to-be new neighbors. (OK, so that's not a complaint.)

Anybody have any tips on how to lose 40 pounds in five weeks?

Why is pizza so damn tasty?

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