Saturday, August 04, 2012

San Francisco Marathon Report

Where to begin? I had so much fun. Andrea was right -- San Francisco has to be in the top two of all of the marathons we've done. Don't let the hills scare you. It wasn't worse than the first route for Team Ortho's Minneapolis Marathon.


1. Andrea P. Neblett's hospitality (including but not limited to) deck relaxation, TV watching, comfy guestroom bed and bathroom, marathon recommendation, hotel selection, etc., etc.

2. Omni Hotel in San Fran and the staff hospitality. Wowza. I have never stayed in such a swank yet friendly place!

3. Pre race dinner and dinner view in Little Italy.

4. Champagne from one of the hotel's doormen/valets.

5. Walk to the Start and Finish lines. Short! Scenic!

6. Early wave start. Thank you Andrea for making that happen. Next year we'll be even faster. ;-)

7. Virtual race bag turned into a real race bag at the expo.

8. Excellent quality gear bag from the expo.

9. Scenic, scenic, scenic course.

10. Beer garden at the finish and the securing of curb seats at said beer garden.

11. Entertaining man who griped about the too-early closing of the beer garden.


13. Robes!

14. Punchline Comedy Club and dinner at Open Mic Night with some VERY entertaining comics.

15. Massages at /spa duh haruh/.

16. Going-out-of-business wine bar. :-/

17. Departure mimosas at Andrea's place.

I want to time-travel and do it all over again. It was awesome. Thank you so much, Andrea, for the great fun.

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