Sunday, November 25, 2012


What I thought was constipation or an intestinal blockage in Peggy last Tuesday turned out to be many tumors in her liver and spleen. The vet is confident it is cancer. She certainly doesn't feel like herself. Treating (or even confirming the diagnosis of) the cancer would be expensive and really not do much for her except make her miserable with trips to the vet and getting poked with needles. So, she went to the farm with us for Thanksgiving and had a great time with her dog cousin, Sissy, and neighbor dog, Thunder. She loves riding in the RV. She ate Sissy's food and drank her water and was up and around over the holiday. Maybe it wiped her out, but she is barely moving from couch to dog bed today. She has eaten a bite of scrambled egg and small pieces of a couple Christmas cookies. The way she is now, I can't imagine her running with me anymore. She put in a lot of miles with Emily and me and never complained one time.

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