Sunday, June 02, 2013

That was different.

A 13 year-old boy can put up not necessarily a persuasive argument but a loud one when he tries to convince his parents "THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO DOOOOOO" after the wifi password has been changed and he finds himself in a cold turkey situation.

He proved himself wrong. I don't think all the yelling went to waste either because it has to be good for the lungs.

Behold his extemporaneous afternoon craft project:

Yep. That's right. He took the stuffing out of our Costco bear and made the hole in the neck large enough so that he could "live inside it." He threatened to hurt me if I took a picture of him in it so you will have to use your imagination and think about how adorable he was while wearing the pelt.

If anyone needs some stuffing I have enough to make several small teddy bears.

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