Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Random Observations

The naked lady at the Y turns out to be a fairly normal person. I heard her speak for the first time and she carried on a normal conversation about spring and gardening with a fellow Y member. I assumed her nude make-up and hair routine meant that she was possibly a sociopath. Her conversation skills lead me to believe otherwise and now I feel bad for assuming she was nuts.

According to the movie Parenthood I am officially a parent. My daughter insisted on wearing a gift bag over her head Monday when we took big brother to school. She ran into the drinking fountain in the hallway and a door. She also informed 90% of the adults she encountered with an edgy, "I'm not talking to you!" before they even looked in her direction.

Five year-olds are not too old to have flat-out Tasmanian Devil-style temper tantrums. I shall be consuming a giant Costco chicken enchilada to replace the calories burned during temper tantrum restraint.

The weather today is magnificent and 60+ degrees. Yesterday I slipped on an icy sidewalk during my morning run with Peggy. Minnesota weather makes you crazy.

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  1. Yesterday my mother directed me to this blog after finding it while googling The Bickersons. I'm an actress(in progress):), and am playing Blanche for radio theater later this month. Although she inadvertently came upon this site while trying to find out more about the show, she made me visit because she said you were a kindred spirit! I've just read your recent posts and had riotous favorite is the photo of the red sparkle shoes!(my older daughter has a pair just like them, and my younger daughter has a temper that could make the holes)...keep writing - it's good stuff!