Sunday, May 08, 2005

What kind of mother am I?


Poor Peggy was left behind with my neighbor for Mother's Day so the Bickersons could make a fast trip to Iowa to see mothers, daughters, cousins, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. Peggy's away-from-home playmate took a chunk out of her ear at dinner time Saturday night. Mrs. Neighbor refuses to tell me what the trip to the doggy ER with anesthesia, stitches, and antibiotics cost her and her family. We are so fortunate to have such kind people living so close.

Do you want to know how much fun it was to ride in a car to Iowa and back with two children who these days seem to be in the throes of growth spurts and extra-intense temper tantrums over the most ridiculous issues? It was almost zero fun. There were moments during the trip when I wished I was back at North Memorial enduring the searing head pain that comes with a brain infection like encephalitis. There were, however, about 20 minutes of blissfull quiet between Des Moines and Ames while the children slept.

Despite the car trip from hell, a lot of fun and love was had with my brother and his family, my mom, my aunt and her family at her 50th wedding anniversary and cousins I hadn't seen in 15 years! There was cake-eating, trampoline jumping, hammock-swinging, Gator-driving, firepit-warming, cow-greeting fun had by all of us.

Maybe Peggy will have to join us next time.

Some highlights:

Uncle Steve and Hope

Uncle Steve and Hope check out the grass with the "W" built in it. (Ask Steve. It's all about genetics.)

On the farm

Mr. Bickerson, Spidey and Uncle Jim discuss all things cow. Slowpoke (the orange cow) elicits expressions of sympathy from all due to her hip problems.

Pillow fight!

Spidey and cousin, Noah, find all kinds of ways to fight and play during our visit.

Mother's Day

The Hanson Family

Dream home

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve's dream house. Is it a barn? Is it a house? (It's an extremely cool house.)

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