Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Donny update

Okay, my friend Mary wants to know if I made it to the concert last night. Alas, no. I was a little sad to miss it but then I realized that the fantasy of what might have happened is better with my not going.

Kid swearing update:

Peggy's birth mother stopped by this afternoon to pick up a doggy bed I had purchased for her new adopted puppy (who has irritable bowel syndrome, by the way, can you think of anything worse than that?). She and her girls couldn't stay long to play and Tikka wanted to know why:

T: "Why can't you stay, Katherine?"

K: "Because we have to go home and have lunch."


Everyone howled with laughter so I won't be surprised if she lets that one fly at Bible School by the end of the week. I wonder how much the cheapest military boarding school costs.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Tikka, too funny.

    She and PJ are going to be a pair at school next year. PJ decided to hit her Bible camp teacher yesterday. Nice, huh?

    Sorry you missed Donny. Anyway, I bet he is only wearing those sexy purple socks in your mind.