Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Once there was a tooth

And then it was gone!


As a mother, I have surprised myself with the things that do not gross me out like I thought they would: poop in the diaper, poop in the underpants, pee on the kitchen floor, boogers everywhere, etc., etc.

But when it comes to loose teeth and pulling them out. Yeeks! It creeps me out. But I pulled that little tooth out -- at the dinner table no less -- and Hank was A-OK with it.


  1. Aunt Dani, Meredith and Noah8:21 AM

    Wow!!! How cool! Hank lost the same tooth that Emmett just got in! We miss you!

  2. Way to go Spidey!

    Great Shot Mrs. Bickerson.

    And, all I really want to know is...did you see Donny last night???