Sunday, November 20, 2005


This is a sample of the Jethro Tull crowd:


It's official. We are OLD. But that's not to say we weren't able to rock the house tonight. Because WE, THE OLD PEOPLE, ROCKED THE HOUSE. In a retro-progressive rock/alternative Celtic folk kind of way. Security at the State Theater came to our section at least six times during the show: to toss out drunken people who were sitting in the wrong seat; to tell 55 year-old rockers to sit down; and to remove one dancing, crazy, smack-talking grandma.

"Security" at the State Theater, by the way, appears to have a median age of 73.

Ian Anderson, lead singer of Jethro Tull (and wannabe RiverDancer) put on an awesome show. He was funny and self-deprecating about being an aging rocker. He had a great attitude. But best of all, he included in the show a very young, very talented, and very beautiful violinist who ripped the roof off the building during a rendition of Led Zeppelin's Kashmere. She was dressed like a bridesmaid in a frilly pink dress but she wailed on the violin like some kind of rock incarnation of Satan. It was outstanding. I think her bow almost caught on fire.

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  1. Ah, so the checkered flag goes down again, dead or alive, eh?

    He's not too old to rock and roll...