Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday night ramblings

Mr. Bickerson is crying his little eyes out tonight because the 2006 Winter Olympics are finally over. You've never met a bigger biathlon, curling, and ice dancing fan.

I don't think you can ever reheat shrimp and make it okay the day after.

There may not be a lot of snow in the backyard but a small slope of ice on the south side of the deck will keep a three and five year-old occupied for almost two hours on a nice Sunday afternoon. With frequent breaks for cocoa, of course.

If it's 25 degrees in Minnesota there is a 90% chance your local YMCA will have the A/C on in the yoga studio so get used to it.

If you color your hair at home and things don't go well and you go get a haircut the next day, the decent thing to do is wear a big sign that says: "I assure you my hairstylist did NOT put this color on my head."

I'm calling my new color a cross between Strained Carrots and Stewed Tomatoes. It looks almost as good as it sounds.

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