Wednesday, June 28, 2006

America's got 11 year-olds with talent

Who WAS that girl singing on America's Got Talent tonight? It was my first time watching the show and that little girl was like a song stylist savant! Freakishly good singing from a 5th grader. I guess you have to be older than 11 to be on American Idol otherwise we surely would have seen her there. Wouldn't we?

PS: I went to bed this morning at 2 a.m. after goofing with the new (to me) iMovie features. I was thinking I'm glad I don't have my CA friend's and Circuslunch friend's habit of getting up to run ungodly distances at ungodly hours. I needed to sleep so I let the kids watch a little early morning TV treat while I snoozed.

I apologize in advance if I bombard this blog with music videos of my family. I can't stop...

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