Friday, June 23, 2006

Out of my comfort zone

Today is our last day without the kids so Gary and I decided that after cleaning up the camping stuff we would take it pretty easy. He bought a laptop replacement and went to urgent care for canoe-itis. I got the oil changed and went to the mall.

Do you hustle past the cosmetics counters in the department store to get to the Jockey underwear sale like I do? Like I used to do? Today I threw caution and modesty to the wind and I let those ladies (and one guy) have at me. Let the mass of curious shoppers stare at me and my post-camping/sun-damaged face while three professionals work their magic. See if I care. I now have a new foundation make-up SYSTEM. I am told that when the Sun-Kissed Bronzer (Step 3) is applied properly my "cheekbones really POP!" (He said so.) So when you see me next time, I expect to see a "your cheekbones really POP" look on your face. Okay? So be prepared.

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