Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I won't do that again

I spent a nonrefundable portion of my afternoon in the Anoka County Courthouse (don't ask) and I made some observations:
  1. There might be more people wearing flipflops in Courtroom 12 than on any given beach in Minnesota.
  2. Part of the punishment that goes with having to appear in court is how long they make you sit outside of the Pay Fine Here window until you are called up to pay fine there.
  3. A majority of the people waiting to pay their fines seemed to be acquainted with other people who were there to pay their fines (as well as the courthouse employees).
  4. In an anecdotal study (n=2) at least 50% sentences are getting lighter: The man sitting next to me asked the man sitting next to him, "What did you get?" And the other man replied, "90 days; 200. What did you get?" And the first man replied, "60 days; 350. Man, I don't get it; my sentences have been getting lighter."
  5. If there's any building in Minnesota where people should be allowed to smoke and carry concealed weapons it's a county courthouse.


  1. Reminds me of the time I was living in north Minneapolis. My neighbors at the time were a bunch of drunken scrounges. I was outside painting some window trim and overheard one of them inside: "Yeah, I got two years for armed robbery, but I was doing so much other stuff at the time that I thought it was a pretty easy sentence."

    I went inside and had a drink.

  2. Reminds me of the time my husband had a court date for speeding and the bailiff guy kept staring at him. Apparently several "Mike Miller"s are wanted for arrest. Thankfully, not mine.

    I'll send you my email, Mrs. Bickerson!

  3. Yeah. Anoka was...interesting.

    Hope everyone is staying healthy in the house of creeps!