Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stream of tiredness blogging

Biking across Iowa in 100 degree heat has me totally zapped. It's all I can do, three days later, to sit on the couch with my Fresca and watch the kids race around the room like crack monkeys.

I promised Hank and Hope I would buy High School Musical upon our return from Iowa and they have already watched it twice in two days. Hank is insisting we call him "Freaky Call-Back Boy" and is irritating us all by asking, "'Sup y'all?"

Hope has been singing everything she says. Everything. Including (add your own tune), "Who wants to smell my feet? You, Hank? You, Daddy? You, Peggy? SMELL...MY.....FEET!!"

Gary and I had a lot of fun on the ride in spite of the heat but we are truly, truly sorry we missed the Girl's Gone Wild bus in Coralville 'cause I bet the girls had gone wild. We also missed the Jello Wrestling. Oh well, there's always next year...

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  1. Girls Gone Wild Bus hit a biker and it took Jaws of Life 20 minutes to get it off him. Maybe it was for the better you did miss them...