Monday, February 26, 2007

The Ordway did, in fact, rock

"Witness" review

The only things missing were the concert lighters. It's just not the same when all lighter-waving is confined to the designated smoking area.

I've never, ever had so much fun in a concert. It was exciting and kind of like a rave, maybe. Everybody has a soft spot for percussion and the percussion was awesome but I couldn't help but feel that the brass, strings, and woodwinds equally deserved acknowledgement for their totally awesome contributions. That music couldn't have been easy to play.

The audience jumped to its feet at the end of Dear Mrs. Parks so one of our singers passed out just to add to the drama. (She's okay.) I was on the fence about staying in the choir for another year because of the time commitment of the extra rehearsals and incidental (but ridiculously high) parking fees at The Ordway and Orchestra Hall, but I'm staying. It's way, way, way too much fun.


  1. I'm with you on sticking around for a little bit more, I think. I've never cried during a piece before. I'm a wuss.

    spanish inspirations should be good, but we haven't really gotten into the music enough to tell. we're singing astor piazzolla, though, so that totally makes my day.

  2. You know what made me almost cry was the first little guy who got up to read his letter on stage Monday. Did anyone in his family know he was going to do that? It bothered me that he looked all scruffy.