Monday, May 07, 2007


Thanks to Mr. Bickerson's frequent craigslist checking we are now in possession of a cheapo tag-a-long bike. Now we can all go for a ride with Hope sitting on the tag-a-long behind one of us. Gary gave almost every kid in the neighborhood a ride around the block yesterday afternoon. When he pooped out our neighbor took over, taking each kid around and around. He explained to the kids how by working together with two people on one bike, the peddling feels easier. So they all did their part, some more than others.

Peggy's runs have to wait until afternoons now that I'm working a few hours a week. So after I picked Hope up at preschool today I bribed her to sit in the jogger while we ran with Peggy and then we would go for a bike ride.

I'm not in condition to push the jogger anymore especially with a 45 pound preschooler sitting in it. I told her I was tired after the run but I held to my promise to take her for a bike ride.

She peddled like mad behind me for the approximately 5 mile ride, the whole back end wiggling side to side. I coasted on every slight decline and I could hear Hope peddling fast and huffing and puffing a little.

Finally, apparently exasperated with my coasting, she shouted, "MOM, I KNOW YOU'RE TIRED BUT YOU GOTTA HELP ME PEDDLE A LITTLE!"

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    I called everyone I knew last night (circa 10:30 PM) when the good part started. that would be the last orchestral buildup/song :D that was my good part. sort of a long wait for that one.