Thursday, August 09, 2007

Heaven for most boys

It was Day Four of skateboard camp. Hope and I stuck around for a few minutes and watched the big boys F---L---Y---! in the air past the little boys during the warm-up that happens before the morning meeting where they discuss the day's camp activities and what's for lunch (lasagna). It truly is amazing what the instructors can do on a skateboard. There are some steep ramps. It's kind of thrilling to watch. Anyway, the camp leader gathered everyone for the morning announcement and, among other things, announced that the activities today would include a game of DODGE BALL on SKATEBOARDS.

Dodge ball on SKATEBOARDS? The only way that game could get any better would be to allow tackling. Really, I saw Hank's eyes light up like a supernova.


  1. You are the coolest parents in the whole world!

  2. More like the world's most desperate parent