Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Every six years or so my mom consults with me for advice on naming things. She recently asked for my advice in naming her new shitzu and I suggested Martha and Betty. She thought those were terrible names so I was surprised when she asked my advice last night with the naming of her new church dining club. I suggested Where Would Jesus Eat? Not only is that a great name, I'm certain there are probably several of those out there already. But Mom didn't like that so I came up with Chewing for Jesus or Masticating with the Messiah. And now I don't know if she'll ever speak to me again.


  1. I love all the suggestions!

    I read a political cartoon once that pictured George Bush wearing a button that said "WWJB - What Would Jesus Bomb?"

  2. oooo, masticating with the messiah. I like.