Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Easy / Not so easy

Hank is easy. Although I once made a vow to not buy him anything like a PSP, Nintendo, or Gameboy unless it was a wedding present and/or his 30th birthday present, he got -- the whole family got -- a Wii for Christmas last year. So now when we think of what Santa might bring him, he has a list of Wii and Nintendo (we have Nintendo controllers) games he would like to receive. Easy.

But then there's Hope. What does Hope want this year? She told me she's asking for three things from Santa: 1. a hamster, 2. another hamster, 3. another hamster.

I guess she wants a hamster. The difficulty will be in convincing Peggy that we haven't decided to let a squirrel/mouse/bunny live in the house.


  1. We've done the hamster thing. They are slow, fluffy, easy. Then we tried the gerbil thing. Fast, rat-like and live FOREVER.

    (We are still doing the gerbil thing, though they live outside under a heat lamp now.)

  2. Santa could come right over to our house, pick up our hamster, and give it to Hope for Christmas. It's the new Green Santa.