Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interesting recall ability

Hank has an easy time thinking of games he wants for Christmas but has a lot of trouble keeping track of outerwear. Hank claims to have "lost" his snow pants at school yesterday. He said the last time he saw them they were in his locker. Granted, his locker partner keeps all of his personal belongings in it and it is hard to see stuff in there, but still.

Anyway, it occurred to me that there might be discussion at school among third graders that if you claim to "lose" your snow pants at school you have a 50% chance of parents buying you some cool, new snow pants. Or at least ones that aren't patched all over with duct tape like Hank's. Hank suggested that I could go shopping this morning and have new snow pants waiting for him in his locker before he goes out for recess.

I told him that was a pretty interesting idea. So interesting that when he gets home from school today he can sit in his room and think hard about where in his locker his pants might be. In the meantime, he can wear his sister's spare purple pants. Or mine. And maybe since outerwear is such trouble keeping track of, maybe he can also sit in his room tonight and revise his Santa list by crossing off all the toys he thinks Santa will bring him.

All of the sudden he remembered where they are!

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