Thursday, February 26, 2009


In addition to bragging about kids, running, dogs, art, and my dog poop picking up skills, I like to brag about my strong stomach and high tolerance for pain. So I'm stymied by how queasy I suddenly feel when I see my bones in an x-ray. I think it's all the little bone nuggets in the wrist area that really gross me out. Too teeth-like, maybe.

I headed out the door to run Wednesday morning and slipped on a tiny patch of ice. I've never felt sudden pain like that but the nausea that accompanied it was worse. I guess our bodies are designed to distract us from intense pain with intense nausea. I suppose I could be having nausea flashbacks when I look at the x-rays.

Do you want to test your tolerance for looking at my wrist bones? Feel free.

Special note: All of this nonsense pales in comparison to what my tough niece, Meredith, has been through: ruptured appendix, liquid restrictions, pic line for antibiotics, almost a week in the hospital. We're so glad you're home, M!

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  1. OOOOOH! Hope your wrist is better soon. Nausea? I threw up while I was in labor. You?