Sunday, September 04, 2011

And a day later the basement was DRY

We have a recurring summer problem that, every time it erupts, causes the four of us to consider filing for divorce and/or putting ourselves up for adoption. Water in the basement tests our love for one another and generally just pisses. us. off. I've been in denial of the most recent problem for about 24 hours because the usual cure (blowing out the clogged A/C condensation tubes) didn't seem to solve it this time. But I remained calm. I waited overnight. I re-blew the tubes connected to the A/C this afternoon and hoped for the best. Later, I ran screaming (in my head) from the house, the wetness, the children, and had a great night eating and drinking in West End with Gary and friends.

Then I came home....

Dut duh-duh-DAHHHH!

Dryness in the basement.

And all is right with our corner of the world. For now. Until Tuesday morning.

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