Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Ginger Magician

Updateto fitness and wellness issues. (This is all going to be bullet-pointed because I can't do the narrative.)

1. I got fat and sad a couple of years ago and met with The Meathead who changed my life for the better. You can read about that here. (Get a tissue because you all are going to cry.)

2. I went off on my own and decided to try to lift too much weight over-head and bent-over row style (StrongLifts 5x5). I ended up with a back injury that was likely exacerbated by those movements and mostly related to running lots of long, slow distances with my sweet dog, Peggy, who was always leashed to my waist.

3. Peggy died of cancer and I quit running and got fat. (See 1 above.)

4. I went to a chiropractor who recommended an MRI.

5. MRI showed spondylolisthesis (which had been there for years but I didn't know) and a bulging lumbar disc.

6. Awesome lifter/PT, Erika Mundinger, to whom I was referred by The Meathead, gave me exercises and a positive attitude and hope that I could return to deadlifts and squats. (Which I am doing!)

7. And then there's Patrick.

Patrick Umphrey is a trainer at the YMCA whom I met through Matt. He talks a LOT. And offers advice. And seems to have a sense of when a person is flaying a bit (or a lot and all over the place) and needs extra help.

I can't thank him enough.

He gave me a program. He messaged me through Facebook one day and said he was putting together a plan for me to work around my back problem. I worked though it and feel like I was pretty successful in following his plan. I'm ready to continue the progress with both Matt and Patrick.

Oh, the title of this blog post?

And dis Pat:

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