Thursday, August 23, 2007


I read this and the links (from my friend's blog) aloud to Gary and he was all, "Oh yeah: Joybubbles, he's the Blue Box guy. My cousin Karen's husband Bob, who used to work in the control room for Skylab, knew about him and all his phone phreaking. Bob and I used to play number search computer games and Star Trek games, teletype stuff, in his basement. He had a teletype and a modem in his basement in 1975. It was all tres advanced technology, considering your family was talking to each other on CB radios on your way to Afton Alps."

How did I miss out on knowing about Joybubbles? He sounds like he was a cool guy.

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  1. I'm going to comment on this and the previous two posts here. I had no idea my dad was so avant garde--he had a modem in the 1970s. About aging--you might like my most recent post. And last but not least--if nothing else, Dads are good for appreciating potty-mouth jokes.